I always had a portfolio based on an isometric rendering engine. This very first version of my personal website was developed in flash 5 and actionscript 2 in... 2003. I had tested several outfits including a futuristic one like here.

In 2005, I modified my engine a little, changing in particular the angle of visibility, the graphics and carrying out my first tests of integration of other characters.

In 2009, I changed my domain name to "" and completely redesigned my engine into actionscript3, greatly optimizing it and adding features.

I choose to integrate the move with the mouse, change the graphics and spritesheet of the main character.

I think about and write down all my ideas in a little notebook.

I decide to integrate a wallpaper according to the local weather of the Internet users, thanks to geolocation.

In 2018, I decide to follow a one-year training to structure my knowledge in development (including Javascript) to completely overhaul my engine.

I redraw from scratch all the elements of the site on a Maya theme.

After many tests of rendering engine in javascript, I decide to use Pixi.js for my new platform, and to create the current site.